Minda´s LED grow light

In addition to the insufficient daylight during the winter months Minda's Garden has developed a special grow light. The light is of LED type needing minimal electrical power and emits low heat radiation (does not burn the plants). The light covers the wave-lengths (red + blue) that are necessary for plant growth and well-being. Additionally, the light is easy to install with its clip-holder. With Minda's selection of seeds and grow light you can harvest your own fresh herbs with a lot of flavor all year round.

How to do:
Sow tight in ordinary pots, then you can harvest regularly for a long time by taking the top shoots. When watering, the soil should be moist, not wet. Place the pots in a window. Use grow light during the dark winter months as additional light during the daytime. At night, the plants need to stay dark to avoid being stressed.